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The 7th Congress Of Belarusian Studies Kicks Off In Warsaw

Today the 7th International Congress of Belarusian Studies kicked off in Warsaw, this time in cooperation with Collegium Civitas. Previous conferences took place in Kaunas, Lithuania. The Congress remains one of the rare opportunities for academics working on Belarus to … Continue reading

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Who Is Proud of Francišak Skaryna?

On 6 August Belarusian Protestants began officially celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Francišak Skaryna’s translation of the Bible into an archaic church-Slavonic language, which can be seen as a proto-Belarusian. I happened to attend one Minsk-based congregation on that raining … Continue reading

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Belarusian Believers – What Are They Like?

According to the recent study on religiosity in Central-Eastern Europe by Pew Research Centre, the vast majority of Belarusians (84%) declare they believe in God. Surprisingly, despite decades of state-enforced secularisation, Belarusian society is fertile ground for religious activities and organisations. Also, … Continue reading

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