About me

783f7186-353e-428e-bae9-210ffb4ee828 My name is Paula Borowska. I am a PhD researcher at UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies. My current research focuses on how faith communities can generate social capital and affect the wider society. I have conducted extensive fieldwork cross Belarus, and studied urban and rural Protestant congregations.

Currently, I am based in a lovely area of St Albans. Originally, I come from Bialystok, the borderland region of Podlasie, a truly fascinating, historically rich and culturally diverse site in Poland. Yes, the landscape of Hertfordshire reminds me that of Podlasie.

I am blogging mainly about my current study as well as other subjects.

My current doctoral project is funded by the London Arts & Humanities Partnership (LAHP).

Hopefully, this blog will be an interesting record of my work and you will enjoy reading it.

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